3D Printing Temperature

I use 3D Printer to produce some parts of my cockpit. It’s very advanced technology providing lots of opportunities for cockpit builders.

To produce parts for 2 EFIS panels I’ve changed filament from Felix to ColorFabb PLA. I’ve spent all day long trying to understand the reason, why the same type of the filament using the same printing settings and g-code does not adhere properly to printing bed.

Finally, I’ve tried to increase temperature and it gave satisfactory result. Surprisingly, not only different type of filaments, but filaments of the same type from different manufacturers require different temperatures. ColorFabb is intended to be used at 210-220 degrees of celsius, while Felix PLA – up to 200 (I usualy print at 195 for first and 190 for rest of layers).

Also, consider to use lower printing speeds with higher temperatures, especially while printing small parts. Higher printing temperature make part stronger, but less accurate.

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