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I’ve started routing software project when decided to use Arduino’s as IO. The main goal is to make software/firmware bunch as flexible as it’s possible.

When I’ve finished MCP it became easier to brush up software as I got huge testing facility.

NGConnect (draft software title) provides linkage between two desinations: hardware and software. That’s base concept. Nevertheless it allows virtually to link many sources and destinations of different types using built-in JavaScript support.

It has four standart types for variables: IN (hardware input), OUT (hardware output), ANALOG (analog input) and PWM (analog output). It also has (at the moment) four predefined configurations for hardware modules: ENCODERS, SHIFTOUT, MAX7219 and MCP23S17 (all of them are used in my MCP and will be used in further cockpit hardware).

Modules Page
Modules Page

New hardware module configurations may be added as simple XML files. But also they must be supported by Arduino firmware.

For hardware link is now supported serial communication only. Later I plan to add TCP/IP support.

For software IOCP (fully) and FSUIPC (partly) are supported.

As I already mentioned above, NGConnect supports JavaScript. Custom scenario can be assigned for each variable.

Dimmer Scenario
Dimmer Scenario

The above scenario takes value from 10K pot and converts it to PWM value which range is 0..255 and 7-segment display dimming value which range is 0..15.

The software is now in deep alpha stage. However do not hesitate to contact me if you’d like to test it for you application.

6 thoughts on “Routing Software”

  1. Great project, i’d be interested in your arduino interface, and also the pcb’s you use for your mcp. I am building the same simworld mcp, but it is goung very very slow at the moment. And i do need to redesign some stuff, maybe i could follow the same route as you.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you! I saw your project on ProSim forum and it also looks great! I’ll send you e-mail soon with link to software and Arduino firmware.

  2. Hi, when you say “For software IOCP (fully)…are supported.” , are you referring to IOCP Server from Juan Ascanio?.
    I am working with IOCards, but i want to add some arduino to my C-182 cockpit.
    Can you send me a copy of your soft for test?.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello,

    Congratulations for the work, really fantastic!

    I’m having trouble setting up the 7-segment displays. I’m 5 cascade modules with MAX7219, however appears only information in the 2nd set and mirrored example, HDG 231, 132 appears.

    You could better detail how to configure the MAX7219?

    Buttons and LEDs are OK.

    How do I set up direct rotary encoder on the Arduino, without the encoder module?

    thank you
    Leandro Souza (Brazilian)

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